L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment, Serum Concentrate 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment, Serum Concentrate 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

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L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment, Serum Concentrate 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

Item Description

New, Multi - Layer Cell Strengthening Everyday MoisturizerPro - Xylane™ + Hyaluronic (L'Oreal's Green Chemistry)Layer by layer, recreates stronger, tighter, much more homogeneous skin:Extra even tone, poreless texture Perfectly smooth, light - reflectiveFormula EssentialsLightweight, non - greasy Non - comedogenic, oil - cost-free Dermatologist tested for gentleness Skin Aging DiscoveryAround age 30, skin begins to weaken. To keep skin seeking young, it is essential to maintain the strength of each layer. When the surface layers are powerful, skin's cells are perfectly organized and skin's surface is smooth, tight and even.Young, powerful skin = Wholesome, smooth surfaceAged, weakened skin = Rough, uneven surfaceSkin Genesis Multi - Layer Cell StrengtheningInspired by the skin aging discovery, L'Oreal introduces a new generation of skincare developed to strengthen the upper layers of skin.Day-to-day Treatment Serum ConcentrateThe 1st step to stronger, tighter, younger - looking skin. This special, crystal clear very concentrated treatment deeply penetrates skin's surface to even skin tone and promptly tighten. You can see and feel the difference.Technological Innovation: Pro - Xylane + Hyaluronic SpheresL'Oreal Study has created patented Pro - Xylane™, a superior naturally - derived molecule so small it can penetrate skin's surface layers. Combined with Hyaluronic Spheres, this complex boosts cell activity layer by layer to strengthen skin.Pro - Xylane™: A Unique Ingredient100% naturally - derived from an environmentally friendly procedure referred to as "Green Chemistry" Bio - assimilable, bio - degradable Delivered in an airless pump to safeguard its purity.Skin Strengthening BenefitsBuilds strength deep inside skin's surface. Reinforces skin's matrix to add fullness, enhance elasticity and renew skin's evenness from within. Strengthens between skin's layers. Aids p

Customer Evaluations

L'Oreal markets this item to younger females, but I have discovered (and some dermatologists appear to agree) that the ingredients can be advantageous to any age. I am over 60 and have noticed an improvement in my skin because I have been making use of Skin Genesis. I use it in combination with L'Oreal's Future e moisturizer and have been faithful to use it every morning for more than a month now.
I wish that L'Oreal did not market place to age groups--I think that is a mistake and costs them marketplace share in a super competitive business enterprise.
There is NO magic bullet in skin care, but this is as efficacious as any product I have utilized in a extended time and I suggest it for those of any age.

I just wanted to say that I am rather happy to see this product here. When loreal started the youth code line I purchased the very same seeking bottle thinking it was this serum. I was wrong. It looks similar but it is definatly not. I utilized the complete bottle of the youth code hoping I would see improvement over time like with the skin genesis strenghtening serum but I never ever did. I was begining to assume the serum was discontinued. I have also tired the clinque "even greater" line and did not see outcomes that almost compared to this. I utilized Skin Genesis every day along with an AVON each day moisturizer and I can honestly say that my skin looked good. No blochiness, no bumps, no pimples, etc. I even was complimented on how outstanding my skin looked. When I say this item produced my skin glow, it was noticible and I have yet to discover some thing else that compared. It does feel weird when to begin with applying.. like I am putting a gel on my face, but two pumps...rubbed all over my face and let it dry just before applying moisturizer (typically 1 or two mins) and I am good to go. Thank you amazon for keeping this item in stock!

Product Attributes

  • Loreal Skin Genesis is a concentrated serum that recreates stronger, tighter, extra homogenous skin layer by layer.
  • Every day Treatment Serum Concentrate The to begin with step to stronger, tighter, younger seeking skin.
  • Skin Strengthening Advantages Builds strength deep inside skin's surface. Reinforces skin's matrix to add fullness, improve elasticity and renew skin's evenness from within.
  • It is 100% naturally derived from an environmentally friendly method known as 'Green Chemistry'.

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