Nivea For Men Active3 Body Wash for Body, Hair & Shave, 16.9-Ounce Bottles

Nivea For Men Active3 Body Wash for Body, Hair & Shave, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

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Nivea For Men Active3 Body Wash for Body, Hair & Shave, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

Product Description

Shower, Shampoo, Shave. Nivea Active three Physique Wash for men who want the convenience of a 3-in-1 cleaning product to fit their active life style. Foaming formula removes dirt and sweat from both skin and hair. Leaves skin feeling clean and comfy. It provides you a comfortable but thorough shave. Dermatologically tested.

Consumer Reviews

I like efficiency. Previously, I've been using Dr Bronners peppermint as a bodywash, shampoo and shaving (functions brilliant for shaving, right after about a week of your skin adjusting to it). The really good Physician was fairly decent, but the Nivea Active 3 intrigued me. God knows, the shower and bathroom are littered with Nivea items for The Girl... and she has a skin care regime that puts a 3rd degree burn victim to shame, so she knows what functions. Plus, it is much less high priced than the Dr Bronners and is made in Germany (you know, the Germans make excellent stuff).
To begin with off - it smells fairly good. Not also overpowering, not flowery, but not some douchey overly masculine scent (i.e. not like Axe). Second - it feels definitely good. Most soaps have a sort of astringent good quality that leaves rinsed flesh really feel sort of dry. Dr Bronners tends to make you feel like the desert where nuclear weapon tests are conducted (vis-a-vis moisture). Freshly Active 3d skin feels smooth and wholesome. Superior stuff.
As a shampoo - exact same schtick. The hair (what little of it I have) is highly clean, but does not have the astringent really feel made by most shampoos.
As a shaving cream, it is pretty superior. Appear - it isn't the very best shaving substance of all time, but it is fantastic enough that it is my each day shaving cream considering that the comfort aspect is just SO high. For shaving, it is particularly productive and comfy, but I obtain myself having to throw on an additional lather and taking 1 last swift pass to get the close shave I seem to like so much.
- Subtle, wonderful smell.
- Particularly clean feeling, without having the dry astrigency of most soaps/body washes.
- Quite effective cleaning.
- Toyota Prius levels of efficiency.
Could Improve:
- Shaving. Better than 80% of shaving creams. Not the particularly most beneficial (i.e. not soap and a boar's hair brush).
Fantastic For:
- Folks who truly like efficiency.
- Guys who have had their showers taken more than by girls.
- Travel. Phenomenal travel item!
Not Perfect For:
- Metrosexual skin care fetishists. Call Keihl's.

There are so countless items just like Nivea For Guys Active3 Body Wash for Physique, Hair Shave, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of three) but this one particular claims to go even a step additional, it is also a shaving cream. Just after a though it makes a person wonder what is genuinely going on? Shampoo for the hair, soap for the physique and shaving cream to boot? I tried it in each of its advertised capacities and somehow it seemed to work but in the end I decided to use mostly as a physique soap due to the fact it was uncomplicated to use due to the fact it develops an effortless good cleaning lather. As a shampoo I guess occasionally could possibly do the job but I am nevertheless conditioned to use a full fledged shampoo for most of the time. As a Shave Cream I am still partial to Edge products but ought to admit I was in a position to shave when I tried it. I guess that just to know it can do all three is its genuine attraction. Chrisito, who is 24 and as present day as they come, liked it and approved of it with significantly much more enthusiasm than myself so to him the item went. Still, congratulations for the concept. Now I am waiting for a single that can do four factors. Kind of like the sequel with the added plus. 4 Stars!

Item Capabilities

  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and comfortable
  • Foaming formula removes dirt and sweat from both skin and hair

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